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Introduction to D.I.C.E.D.


D.I.C.E.D. previously know as the North Shore Culinary School is the brainchild of Don Guthro, an accomplished executive chef, restaurateur, consultant and culinary school director who wanted to find a way to “give back” by providing tuition free culinary training to marginal, transitional and disadvantaged individuals. 

A true social enterprise was born D.I.C.E.D. giving back and making changes.

About Us

Culinary Choreography Catering

 It all begins with "the dance of the kitchen...."

 We would like to introduce you to: 

                   "Culinary Choreography"

A fine dining caterer that brings everything to you.

Our catering team will allow you to enjoy entertaining at your event without worrying. All the customized details from preparation to finish, including service staff, onsite chefs, and rentals will be taken care of. 


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Meal Delivery Programs


D.I.C.E.D. can offer your organization or non profit meals that are both high in nutrition and unique. Providing nourishment for the body and mind and bringing communities together. Every day D.I.C.E.D. produces hot, well-balanced meals for low-income people at 5 locations in the lower mainland, such as shelters, health care facilities, transitional housing programs.

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NSCS Discovery Cafe / Resturant

The restaurant operates with a social philosophy. Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of food from all food groups in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. With all revenue generated we support the training of entry level cooks in our theory classes and practical kitchens at D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre. Come visit us at the restaurant and support our cause.   



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Chef Donald Guthro was born and raised in rural Canada. He received his Commerce degree and professional Chef training at George Brown College in Ontario. Don then set out to refine his skills and educate himself internationally in Europe, working throughout France and Italy while learning the trade and traditions from old-world culinary pioneers. He also witnessed life in impoverished regions with high unemployment which would later become a motivator for an entirely new business. When Don returned to Canada, he worked as Chef and Executive Chef in some of Canada`s top restaurants across the country as well as Chef at the Olympic Games. In addition, he formed a catering company and restaurant consulting firm where he assisted other restaurateurs to become successful businesses. Chef  Don Guthro arrived in Vancouver as working Ex Chef then became the director of a renowned local and international culinary school. However, the high cost of culinary tuition, lack of affordable housing and skilled entry-level cooks in the area left Chef Don Guthro to ponder social enterprise as the vehicle to educate Canada`s top cooks. In 2010 he created the North Shore Culinary Education Society becoming D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre. D.I.C.E.D. is an all encompassing culinary centre training future professionals and culinary enthusiasts alike. In fulfillment of his dream to help struggling and transitional individuals realize their dreams of cooking- and he did this through his own initiative and resources. After 35 years in the culinary industry, Chef Don Guthro shows no signs of slowing down. He has managed to create an innovative social enterprise business model whereby catering, cafe / restaurants, and culinary consulting functions proceeds are used to support the D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre and ultimately, sponsor the culinary programs for all students. Chef Don Guthro plans to continue his direct involvement in his own business, hoping to author international cooking texts and cookbooks that he hopes will spur the spread of social enterprise in the hospitality industry to impoverished nations where accessing and preparing food is a top priority.


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D.I.C.E.D. Culinary School

D.I.C.E.D. Culinary previously know as the North Shore Culinary School provides a 15 month culinary training program for people serious about a career in the culinary industry. This is a fully sponsored culinary training program for students that qualify. Every student begins at Fundamentals then proceeds to Intermediate and finishes with Advanced Cookery, Baking and Pastry. All students are employed at our seasonal locations to collect paid practicum hours in a controlled environment.

Social Enterprise Hospitality Business

Good Food

Our menus at each location range from casual to formal. We use the best ingredients and prepare each item into something that is memorable and unique. "Yes" we buy local when we can, and "Yes" we make everything in-house from scratch.

Good Value

We offer menus that are affordable in all of our locations. The menus are priced at fair market value. We strive to develop repeat customers not just one time shoppers.

Great Cause

Proceeds from all of our business activity goes towards our sponsored culinary training programs at D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre. We are a self driven Social Enterprise that focuses on giving individuals a skill so they can help themselves to become part of their community.

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Wedding Catering


  Your wedding day should be an event so splendid; the memory lasts long after the guests are gone.

It’s a fact that the best parties have exceptional food. Your choice may be a simple afternoon tea, a bountiful buffet, or an elegant sit down dinner. Whatever your preference, your guests will enjoy the freshest ingredients Vancouver has to offer – exquisitely prepared, served with a sense of style, and offered at a sensible price. Your ideas and our years of experience will create just the right menu to fit your taste and budget, allowing you to relax and enjoy this amazing day.


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Corporate events and Galas


Corporate events and galas have many different features that can add to the stress of planning your event.

  We will assist in the details of your event, taking away the stress of planning. We are here to help with all your catering needs, from food and beverage, to rentals, and service staff.

  Here are two very important things to think about when planning your next event. Take the time to plan early and stick to the budget you have set for the event.

      "We want you to relax and enjoy your event or party"



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Special Events


  Special events are our specialty from in house to large venues, canapés to food stations, from simple to simply unbelievable. Executive Chef Don Guthro and his team design award winning seasonally inspired menus to suit any taste, and any budget. We take great pride in being a leader in the industry when it comes to stylish and great tasting menus.

  Passed hors d’oeuvres, and one bites with a wide variety of themed food stations including mini Steak Frites & Poutine, Taco Stand, and West Coast Seafood Stations are among only a few of our menu choices. For more formal events, we offer a wide selection of plated and buffet options, available to suit every palette. While we offer suggestions, we would love to help you customize your event. For more information, please visit our menu section.

Carefully prepared delicious food is the foundation of what we do. Our client’s expectations are always realized and exceeded when it comes to food preparation and display. We take pride in being one of the premiere catering firms in Vancouver.


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Seasonal Cafe / Restaurant

We would like to introduce you to the newest sponsored culinary training program D.I.C.E.D. 

D.I.C.E.D. works with NSCS Discovery Cafe/Restaurant at Jericho Beach and Mahon Park. Our program is geared to the hands on training of individuals. We are very excited in being part of the community at Jericho Beach, the City of Vancouver Parks Board, and the City of North Vancouver Parks Board. We will have a number of our students at these locations working part time throughout the year, and full time during the summer.

The culinary and life skills program has been built to provide our students with employability skills which allow them a successful start in the local community and work force. Funding for our students is provided by revenue generated through our daily business activities.

Please enjoy your visit and if you have any questions about what we do please do not hesitate in contacting us!

What is New at D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre

We will keep you posted on the up and comings of 2018. 

Please stay tuned for all the exciting news of our expansion! 

FAQ's for D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre

Why do you do what you do?

The industry has been so good to me that I wanted to develop something to give back to the industry.

How do you find your students?

Most of the students come to us through agencies and word of mouth.

Who can apply to the program?

Anyone can apply and we will evaluate to see if you fit the qualifications in being a student. 

Are you a Non Profit organization?

We are not, we are a for profit business with the main view point  of supporting community and social good or development. Focusing on giving to those who could not otherwise afford to attend training programs.

Where dose the money come from to support the students in the program?

We generate all operating costs through our business activities as a Social Enterprise. This could be through our catering company, café /restaurants, meal programs and any roducts we produce. 

How many students have you graduated in the program?

376 students and counting!

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