DICED Culinary
Self Funded
Social Purpose Hospitality Business

Don Guthro has created DICED, a platform where passion for food and commitment to social good converge offers a transformative experience.

DICED Discovery Restaurant has been operating for 10 years serving up "Breakfast, Burgers and Beer in a casual fun atmosphere. 

DICED Restaurant
Self Funded Social Purpose Hospitality Business

Good Food

Our menus at each location range from casual to formal. We use the best ingredients and prepare each item into something that is memorable and unique. "Yes" we buy local when we can, and "Yes" we make everything in-house from scratch.

Good Value

We offer menus that are affordable in all of our locations, ensuring that they are priced at fair market value to provide the best value for our customers. Our goal is to create a dining experience that encourages repeat business, not just one-time visits. 

Good Cause

Proceeds from all of our business activity goes towards our sponsored culinary training programs at DICED Culinary School. We are a self driven Social Purpose Business that focuses on giving individuals a skill so they can help themselves to become part of their community.


Red Seal Chef
Don Guthro

your go-to breakfast, burger, and beer choice

D.I.C.E.D Discovery operates a “Breakfast, Burger and Beer” establishment in a casual fun atmosphere with the opportunities to book our space for special events year round.

Proceeds from your visit supports sponsored students in the culinary training program.

Vancouvers Own

DICED Culinary

A haven where the zest of gourmet pub food meets the heart of social purpose, nestled on the scenic shores of Jericho Beach.

Born from the legacy of the NCSC Discovery Cafe, Diced is a self-funded venture that passionately blends culinary excellence with community spirit. Under the guidance of the esteemed Chef Don Guthro, we embark on a journey of flavor, innovation, and sustainability, crafting dishes that tantalize the palate while nurturing the soul.

Our menu, a testament to Chef Guthro's culinary prowess, offers a seasonal exploration of gourmet delights, crafted with the finest local ingredients and a dash of creativity.  

Mission Statement

At Diced Culinary

Our mission extends beyond the dining table. We are committed to making a difference, one dish at a time. By leveraging our passion for food and community, we aim to create a space where each meal supports local initiatives and fosters social change. Our dedication to sustainability, from sourcing ingredients to supporting local causes, mirrors our belief in a better world. Here, every bite contributes to our vision of community enrichment and environmental stewardship, making Diced not just a cafe, but a movement. Join us on this delicious journey of culinary excellence and social impact, where every meal is a step towards a brighter, more connected community.

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Wedding Catering

"Your choice may be a simple afternoon tea, a bountiful buffet, or an elegant sit down dinner. Whatever your preference, your guests will enjoy the freshest ingredients Vancouver has to offer – exquisitely prepared, served with a sense of style, and offered at a sensible price"

Corporate Events

Corporate events and galas have many different features that can add to the stress of planning your event. We will assist in the details of your event, taking away the stress of planning. We are here to help with all your catering needs, from food and beverage, to rentals, and service staff

Special Events

Executive Chef Don Guthro and his team design award winning seasonally inspired menus to suit any taste, and any budget. We take great pride in being a leader in the industry when it comes to stylish and great tasting menus.


Why you should choose us...

  1. Culinary Choreography Catering
  2. NSCS Discovery Restaurant
  3. Meal Delivery Programs
  4. Online Culinary School
  5. DICED Knives


We have a large selection of menu items and offerings, with a la carte plated dinners for groups of 8-500 people and canapes for groups of 20-2500 people

Our team creates award winning and seasonally inspired dishes using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


Signature Style Exquisite Food

Gracious service
We will work with you to create a menu that fits your taste, budget, and style.

Our Commitment

Exquisite food
Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients mean food that is exceptional in taste and quality.




View a few of the accomplishments in a lifetime of work by chef Don Guthro