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Self Funded Social Purpose Hospitality Business




Introduction to

DICED is the brainchild of Don Guthro, an accomplished executive chef, restaurateur, consultant, and culinary school director who wanted to find a way to give back by providing affordable training to aspiring cooks and hard-working individuals.

By giving back and making change, a true social purpose business model was born – DICED.



Donald Guthro

Chef Donald Guthro was born and raised in rural Canada. He received his Commerce degree and professional Chef training at George Brown College in Ontario. Don then set out to refine his skills and educate himself internationally in Europe, working throughout France and Italy while learning the trade and traditions from old-world culinary pioneers.


Culinary School

DICED Culinary School previously know as the North Shore Culinary School provides 12-month online training program for people serious about a career in the culinary industry. Every student begins at Fundamentals before proceeding to Intermediate and finishing with Advanced Cookery, Baking, and Pastry. All students are assisted in acquiring a paid practicum placement to obtain their required hours in a controlled environment.

Students who successfully complete this program will obtain 1st and 2nd level cooks certification.

Partial sponsorship is available for those students who meet the requirements.


NSCS Discovery Restaurant

NSCS Discovery restaurant works to support DICED culinary school in its endeavour to provide affordable and sponsored culinary training programs.

NSCS Discovery operates a “Breakfast, Burger and Beer” establishment in a casual fun atmosphere.

Proceeds from your visit supports sponsored students in the culinary training program.


Self Funded Social Purpose Hospitality Business

Good Food

Our menus at each location range from casual to formal. We use the best ingredients and prepare each item into something that is memorable and unique. "Yes" we buy local when we can, and "Yes" we make everything in-house from scratch.

Good Value

We offer menus that are affordable in all of our locations. The menus are priced at fair market value. We strive to develop repeat customers not just one time shoppers.

Great Cause

Proceeds from all of our business activity goes towards our sponsored culinary training programs at DICED Culinary School. We are a self driven Social Purpose Business that focuses on giving individuals a skill so they can help themselves to become part of their community.

Why you should choose us...


Meal Delivery Program

DICED can offer your organization or non profit meals that are both high in nutrition and unique. Providing nourishment for the body and mind and bringing communities together. Every day DICED produces hot, well-balanced meals for low-income people at 11 locations in the lower mainland, such as shelters, health care facilities, transitional housing programs.

Over 1,639,016 meals produced for at risk and marginal adults and senior in various organizations from April 2009 to present day.

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