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When Should You Hire A Caterer?

When Should you Hire a Caterer?

Nothing is easy when it comes to organizing and planning an event. There’s seemingly a never-ending list of things to do and little time to do them. It’s this long list that overwhelms most people. That is the reason why most of them wisely decide to hire a caterer.

In a perfect world, planning and hosting an event or party should be a fun experience, especially if you’re rewarded with rousing success. But if it’s your first time, you’re probably biting off more than you can chew.

A considerable chunk of event planning is dedicated to the food, from figuring out the number of guests to feed, food to serve, food prep and service crew, and the cleanup after the party. It’s arguably a lot of work, which is why hiring a caterer makes sense.

Some people are still on the fence about hiring a caterer for whatever reason. If you’re one of them, here are the instances that will make you reconsider:

1 – Hire a catering service when you want less stress

Let someone else take care of the food and drinks when you’re planning and organizing an event. As mentioned earlier, food takes up more than half of your attention if you don’t work with a caterer. You try to cover as much ground as possible, from the invitations, venue décor to the entertainment and transportation. Throw in the food and beverage concerns, and you’ll end up getting all stressed out.

The caterer’s responsibility is food preparation and serving. Hiring a catering company lets you focus on other aspects of the event preparation.

2 – Pay for the caterer’s services when you don’t have enough time

Imagine how much time you’ll potentially save if you don’t have to handle everything about food. The caterer takes care of the planning, cooking, and serving of food and beverages, thereby cutting off a considerable time on your schedule.

There’s no way you can figure out the menu on your own, buy the ingredients, cook, set up, and serve the food while also handling the decorations, entertainment, and guestlist. Even if you think you can, there’s way too little time to get everything done if you’re a one-person show.

3 – Tap a catering company if you’re looking for a versatile menu

Not every party organizer is well-informed about food; if you’re unsure what to serve at the event, you’re planning, hiring a caterer makes sense.

You may have a clue at what a standard menu offers, but what if some of your guests are vegans or on a strictly gluten-free diet? You get to choose a customized menu with a catering company and even ask for special requests and add-ons to accommodate special dietary needs.

4 – If you emphasize keen attention to detail, hire a caterer

Unless you’re planning an event for less than ten people, you’re better off working with a catering service. Once your guest list extends to at least 20 individuals, you’re hard-pressed to find help in preparing and serving food.

But more than just food and beverages, an experienced caterer delves into the detail of every dish, a bottle of wine, finger food, and dessert in the menu. Catering companies know when to adjust if something comes up, i.e., an unexpected increase in the number of guests, change of venue.

5 – Hire a caterer if you want to make a lasting impression

You’d want to impress your guests if it’s your first time organizing an event or party. Your reputation is at stake, so you can’t afford to make mistakes. There’ve been countless cases of ruined and failed events and parties because the food or the way it was served was just awful.

Be it a birthday party, corporate seminar, or a wedding, having a catering service onsite gives you that much-needed room to breathe. Guests will remember the remarkable dining experience as the event wraps up, and that’s a significant boost to your reputation.

Key Considerations

When you ultimately decide to work with a caterer, don’t think it’s smooth sailing right away. You must be in constant communication as the planning goes along. If you’re expecting a large guest turnout, consider the variety of the menu.

You’ll have to weigh on allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences. This is where the services of a caterer come in handy. Experienced catering companies recognize the importance of feeding the guests properly, allowing them to have a good time. People won’t forget if when the food and related service are bad.

The nature and size of the event affect the type of caterer you hire. Some catering services are more experienced in certain events like corporate meetings and business-related gatherings, while others specialize in weddings. The event’s purpose is the basis for the catering setup, so be sure to discuss it with your prospects.

Your decision to hire (or not) a caterer boils down to the challenges of planning the event. If the only things you need to do are to figure out a venue and serve food, then you’ll manage without a caterer’s help.

But if the preparation requires creating and sending invitations, dressing up the venue, preparing a diverse menu, and setting up entertainment, it makes sense to hire a catering service.


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