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DICED Culinary School has developed one of the first online culinary and hospitality education platform. What we have created is an innovative training program intended to reach all students and support the professionals working in the industry. The first step was to develop a program that gives the freedom to achieve personal goals. The next step was to make it affordable to all, with work mentorship aiding student development being a key element in the program’s design. We would like to encourage professional chefs and business owners to get involved and embrace the future of education. This online environment will allow each participant to become more self-reliant, confident and successful in the workplace.

The rudimentary aim and objective of our online training initiative involves recognizing and guiding motivated students along a personal and employment development strategy. By placing a high priority on the students’ development, we hope to achieve and maintain excellence in food services education as well as build personal satisfaction and self-worth among all students in our programs.


For D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre

► Why do you do what you do?

The industry has been so good to me that I wanted to develop something to give back to the industry. There is a desperate need in the industry for educated individuals but the current structure is prohibitively expensive. This is our solution.

► How do you find your students?

Most of the students come to us through web searches, word of mouth and industry referrals.

► Who can apply to the program?

Anyone interested in the culinary field can apply for the culinary training program. Sponsorship is evaluated o a case by case bases.

► Are you a Non Profit organization?

We are not, we are a for profit business with the main view point of supporting community, social good and development. We are focused on giving to those who could not otherwise afford to attend training programs.

► Where does the money come from to support the students in the program?

We generate operational costs through our business activities as a social purpose business model. This is done through our catering company, restaurant, meal delivery program, and our line of retail products.

► How many students have you graduated in the program?

472 students and counting!

► How many years in industry?

As of 2020, Chef Don has been in the culinary industry for 40 years and has operated this social purpose business for over 10 years.

► Is this a sponsored program

As a social purpose business, we have endeavoured to make the cost affordable to prospective students looking to advance their careers. Full sponsorship is assessed on a case by case basis and is not available to all applicants.

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