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Catering On A Budget In Vancouver? Choose The Best Company!

Catering on a budget in Vancouver? Choose the best company!

Catering on a budget? You won’t have a hard time choosing a catering company in Vancouver if money is out of the question. But what if is that not the case?

Working on a limited budget means that you have to improvise. From promising amateur caterers to well-known companies, you have more than enough options in this bustling metropolis.

Though you’re budget-constrained, you don’t have to settle for low-quality food and service.

Catering on a budget: Know Your Needs

Most people end up with the wrong caterer because they couldn’t decide what they needed (or wanted). Before you choose a catering company, figure out your preferences first.

If possible, write everything down because you have a lot of things to consider.

For example, determine what food pairs well with the party theme; understand how much you’re allowed to spend for catering; consider the guests since some may be vegetarians or on a strict gluten-free diet.

Figure Out a Budget

Catering is more than just serving food for your guests. You must understand all the costs of hiring a catering service for an event, especially with a limited budget.

Since caterers have different ways of charging for their services, specifically ask for a detailed quotation from at least three prospects.

You need a breakdown of what’s included in the service and how much it’ll cost. This is the only way to find out if it matches your budget.

Inform the catering company if you’re working on a limited budget to avoid surprises. It’s their prerogative to back out of the arrangement or create a custom menu that fits the budget.

You know you’re talking to the right caterer if they willingly create a catering package with excellent value event with budgetary constraints.

Search for Feedback/Reviews

It’ll be easier to choose a catering company if you learn how they served their previous customers. Make a list of your prospects, focusing on those catering services with an online presence.

You won’t have a hard time reading feedback and reviews if they’re found on social media.

Actual feedback from previous clients on social media is more accurate and transparent than what you’ll read on the company’s official website.

It’s your job to figure out if the catering service has a solid reputation or a bad rap – this way, there’s less likelihood of choosing a bad catering company.

Dig in on the Expertise/Experience

Selecting a catering company in Vancouver with a restricted budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for the lowest pitch. Consider the expertise and experience of the caterer, especially if the event calls for a custom menu.

Ask your prospects if they’ve catered to a similar event or gathering in the past, i.e., corporate meeting, social gathering, family reunion, and others.

A catering company with previous experience and expertise is likely to deliver an excellent menu and service.

Make a Call

Get a feel of the caterer you’re planning to hire by making a phone call. Inquire about their services and ask for a quotation. This is a crucial step as it allows you to gauge the company’s enthusiasm in
answering your queries.

Some caterers in Vancouver are way too busy attending to a long list of customers, while others aren’t interested in serving clients with a limited budget.

Some people find it unnecessary but making that call tells you a lot about the caterer’s attitude towards a potential

“Taste” Whenever You Can

If a caterer offers a food tasting meet, grab it. Tasting gives you a first-hand account of what to expect from the company. However, don’t look at it as the only factor you should consider.

Don’t waste your time on taste testing when you’re pretty aware that you can’t afford them. But if you’re sure that your budget allows it, then why not?

Comparison Shopping

Vancouver catering companies’ services differ on many fronts – from their menu, rate, staff to equipment and customer service. It’s impossible to get the best value for your money if you don’t

The idea of “comparison shopping” is to evaluate each caterer’s characteristics and offerings. Create a checklist to know if they address your need for a catering company. Factor if the caterer:

  • Provides the food/menu you want. 
  • Offers a package that’s well within your limited budget.
  • Has a helpful and pleasant demeanor. 
  • Caterer has excellent customer reviews.

Check for Availability

If you choose a renowned Vancouver catering company, be sure to book in advance. Check and verify the bookings a couple of times just to make sure they’ve marked it. There’s no sense in choosing a
caterer who can’t commit.

As much as you like a company so much over the other prospects, you have no choice but to look elsewhere when they’re not available on the date of your event.

Don’t forget to include your event’s date and the caterer’s guarantee to be there in the contract.

Catering on a budget shouldn’t be hard. Consult

Expect last-minute changes to your event, i.e., additional guests, venue constraints, and weather.

The best catering company in Vancouver understands this predicament and willingly adjusts.

If there’s a justifiable reason for a last-minute change, the caterer is open to addressing the issue.

Your job is to consult with your prospects about this possibility. Unfortunately, not all catering companies in Vancouver are open and versatile enough to make way for changes. See to it that you talk about it during your search.

After all, is said and done and you’re satisfied with the food and service, don’t forget to leave a positive (and honest) feedback.

This doesn’t just help the company get more customers; you’re also assisting others in finding a legitimate catering service in Vancouver.

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