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Culinary Choreography

Our catering team will allow you to enjoy entertaining at your event without worrying. All the customized details from preparation to finish, including service staff, onsite chefs, and rentals will be taken care of. “Let Culinary Choreography be the first ingredient of your dream event!” Culinary Choreography will provide you with a customized menu that is tailored to your preferences based on prior consultation. This consultation will cover all elements of your event and allow you to request any special items.

Our food is local, fresh, seasonal, and harvested with passion, just like the passion that will go into the finished products. From the number of courses in your meal to wine pairing, we want to show you a memorable event that leaves you with a unique interactive dining experience. We strive to finish preparations on most items at your venue or home to achieve full freshness.

Culinary Choreography has always been socially and enviormentally focused in the food community. With proceeds from each catering going towards sponsoring in the culinary training program at the “D.I.C.E.D Culinary School”.

We support local initiatives and are involved in community programs to reduce food waste. “Love Food Hate Waste, Mesh Foods”.



Donald Guthro

Chef Donald Guthro was born and raised in rural Canada. He received his Commerce degree and professional Chef training at George Brown College in Ontario. Don then set out to refine his skills and educate himself internationally in Europe, working throughout France and Italy while learning the trade and traditions from old-world culinary pioneers. He also witnessed life in impoverished regions with high unemployment which would later become a motivator for an entirely new business. When Don returned to Canada, he worked as Chef and Executive Chef in some of Canada`s top restaurants across the country as well as Chef at the Olympic Games. In addition, he formed a catering company and restaurant consulting firm where he assisted other restaurateurs to become successful businesses. Chef Don Guthro arrived in Vancouver as working Ex Chef then became the director of a renowned local and international culinary school. However, the high cost of culinary tuition, lack of affordable housing and skilled entry-level cooks in the area left Chef Don Guthro to ponder social enterprise as the vehicle to educate Canada`s top cooks.

In 2010 he created the North Shore Culinary Education Society becoming D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre. D.I.C.E.D. is an all encompassing culinary centre training future professionals and culinary enthusiasts alike. In fulfillment of his dream to help struggling and transitional individuals realize their dreams of cooking- and he did this through his own initiative and resources. After 39 years in the culinary industry, Chef Don Guthro shows no signs of slowing down. He has managed to create an innovative social enterprise business model whereby catering, cafe / restaurants, and culinary consulting functions proceeds are used to support the D.I.C.E.D. Culinary Centre and ultimately, sponsor the culinary programs for all students. Chef Don Guthro plans to continue his direct involvement in his own business, hoping to author international cooking texts and cookbooks that he hopes will spur the spread of social enterprise in the hospitality industry to impoverished nations where accessing and preparing food is a top priority.

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