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Donald Guthro

Chef Donald Guthro was born and raised in rural Canada. He received his Commerce degree and professional Chef training at George Brown College in Ontario. Don then set out to refine his skills and educate himself internationally in Europe, working throughout France and Italy while learning the trade and traditions from old-world culinary pioneers. He also witnessed life in impoverished regions with high unemployment which would later become the catalyst or motivator for an entirely new way of looking at business. When Don returned to Canada, he worked as Chef and Executive Chef in some of Canada’s top restaurants across the country as well as working chef at the Olympic Games. In addition, he formed a catering company and restaurant consulting firm where he assisted other restaurateurs to become successful in their businesses. Chef Don Guthro arrived in Vancouver as an executive chef before becoming the director of a renowned local and international culinary school. However, the high cost of culinary tuition, lack of affordable housing and skilled entry-level cooks in the area left Chef Don Guthro to ponder social enterprise as the vehicle to educate Canada’s top cooks.

In 2010 he created the NS Culinary Educational Society becoming D.I.C.E.D Culinary School. Through his own initiative and resources, he is fulfilling his dream to help aspiring cooks get the education and training for a successful future in the culinary industry. After 40 years and counting in the culinary field, Chef Don Guthro shows no sign of slowing down. His abundant experience has led him to create an innovative, self funded socially good business model investing in people. Proceeds from his catering company, restaurant and culinary consultations are used to support D.I.C.E.D Culinary School by providing affordable education for all and full sponsorship for those that qualify. While Chef Don Guthro plans to continue his direct involvement in the day to day running of the company, he hopes to find time to author educational texts that support culinary growth and success in all communities.
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          Quang Dang

Chef Quang Dang has experience as an executive chef of some of Vancouver’s top restaurants, including West and C Restaurant, as well as participating in competitions such as the Bocuse D’Or in Lyon, France. He joined DICED because he feels passionate for the social enterprise model that DICED has created, giving back to the community through affordable and sponsored chef training. After spending many years in the restaurant industry, Quang wanted to pay it forward by helping train and mentor young up-and-coming chefs.

Raised in Calgary, Alberta with family roots that stretch back to Scotland and the orchards and rice fields of Vietnam, Chef Dang’s very diverse cultural background combines with his professional training to inspire him to mix and match flavours and technique. Dang’s journey unexpected journey began after he moved to Vancouver in 1999 to finish his engineering degree at Kwantlen University College. His plan was to follow in his father’s footsteps into engineering and biology, but he quickly became distracted by an unexpected passion for food while working in the hospitality industry.

It was at Joey’s in Coquitlam in 1998 that Chef Dang met his first mentor who taught him the strategies and discipline necessary to run a high volume kitchen. It was during this time that Dang decided to forgo his future in engineering and to pursue his passions in the culinary world full time. Dang completed a 3½ -year apprenticeship and also participated in a number of international food competitions such as the 2003 Bocuse D’Or in Lyon France, and the National Chaine des Rotisseurs in Winnipeg in 2002. His reputation began to spread throughout Vancouver.

West educated Quang on what it took to launch a high-end restaurant. The experience taught him leadership, fuelled his passion, increased his talent and earned him credibility. All things that contributed to his monumental success when opening Rare One, where he took on his first experience as a restaurant chef. Here he began to focus on local ingredients, rare products and rare cooking techniques. 

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Born and raised in British Columbia, Hayley attended culinary school in Vancouver at Dubrulle Culinary Institute, where she earned an advanced diploma in culinary arts. Upon graduation she worked for a prominent local caterer before accepting a position in the kitchen of a world-renowned fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii. It was while working at the fishing lodge that she realized she wanted more out of the career she had chosen. After continuing to work and gain experience in the culinary industry, she enrolled at Langara College before transferring to Simon Fraser University where she earned a degree in education. Since then, she has put her years of experience and both educations to use in her role as instructor for D.I.C.E.D Culinary School.
Hayley has worked closely with D.I.C.E.D and has played a key role in its progression into the innovative, solution orientated educational environment. Together with chef Don Guthro, they have reached out to the industry in an attempt to determine areas of need. The consistent response they kept receiving was a desperate need for skilled, educated staff. Together they came up with a plan to uproot the traditional culinary school model of a brick and mortar establishment, requiring full time attendance and exorbitant tuition fees. They have created an online affordable educational platform that allows students from all the corners of Canada to go to school while maintaining jobs in the culinary industry.
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